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We greatly appreciate receiving feedback from customers who have tried our RenAgade CBD products. Here are some customer testimonials for you to enjoy.

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Rachel and Noel

Product Reviewed: Moonshine

Noel: Tried Moon Shine THC derivative pre-rolls recently and was pleasantly surprised. The clear tip and keef dusting gave it a classy touch, while the aroma set the mood just right. What stood out was how quickly it calmed and relaxed me, yet mentally energized at the same time. Ideal for unwinding after a long day  best for intimate moments.

Rachel: I recently had the pleasure of trying Moon Shine THC pre-rolls, and it was truly delightful. From the elegant clear plastic tip to the delicate keef dusting, every detail added a touch of sophistication. The aromatic essence instantly transported me to a serene state, setting the perfect mood. What truly impressed me was the immediate sense of calm and relaxation, accompanied by a mentally invigorating feeling that heightened every moment. It’s absolutely perfect for unwinding after a hectic day or adding an extra layer of intimacy to special moments. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking a luxurious THC-esque experience.

Product Reviewed: Lemon Cheese Cake

Noel: Recently tried Lemon Cheesecake/THC derivative and it’s legit. The aroma and taste are spot on, delivering that delicious lemon cheesecake flavor without fail. But what really impressed me were the physical effects – within minutes, my lower back tension melted away, leaving me feeling relaxed all over. Mentally, it was pure bliss, almost as if I felt the same relaxation that comes after a solid, sturdy massage. Perfect for pre- or post-workout sessions, it amps up your gym game and eases those post-exercise aches. Whether you’re after a tasty treat or some serious relief, this THC substitute is the real deal. Highly recommend it.

Rachel: I recently had the pleasure of trying Lemon Cheesecake THC derivative, From the moment I opened the package, the tantalizing aroma hinted at the delicious experience to come. True to its name, the flavor delivered a delightful lemon cheesecake sensation that remained consistent from scent to taste, a rare feat in the world of THC substitutional products. Beyond the culinary delight, the physical effects were remarkable. Within minutes, I noticed the tension and aches in my lower back dissipating, replaced by a soothing sensation that enveloped my entire body. Mentally, it was a blissful experience, inducing a profound sense of relaxation akin to sinking into a comfortable seat after a rejuvenating massage.I found Lemon Cheesecake THC derivative to be the perfect companion for both pre- and post-workout sessions, enhancing my gym experience while providing much-needed relaxation afterward. Whether you’re seeking a delicious treat or soothing relief, I highly recommend giving this product a try. It’s a truly authentic and effective THC substitute option that won’t disappoint.

Product Reviewed: Gushy Bubble Hash

Noel: Recently tried Gussy Bubbled Hash and it was solid from start to finish. This hash brought a light and energetic vibe to my body, along with a smooth Indica body high that kicked out some nagging pain without making me feel lazy. I tend to overthink, but this stuff put me in a chill, positive headspace, helping me focus and unwind without getting overwhelmed. Plus, it kept the good times rolling well into the night. Gussy Bubbled Hash is a must-try for anyone wanting a chill yet energizing experience. Highly recommend it.

Rachel: I recently had the pleasure of indulging in Gussy Bubbled Hash, and I must say, it was a delightful experience from start to finish. This exquisite hash not only provided a light and energetic sensation for my body but also delivered a gentle Indica body high that miraculously alleviated some pesky body pain, all without inducing any lethargy whatsoever. As someone with ADHD, I found that it offered just the right amount of slowing down for my brain, allowing me to focus and relax without feeling overwhelmed. Plus, the high was impressively long-lasting, ensuring that the blissful effects lingered well into the evening. Gussy Bubbled Hash has definitely earned a top spot in my cannabis repertoire, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a soothing yet invigorating experience.

Product Reviewed: MoonRocks

Noel: The moonrocks THC derivative packs a serious punch for anyone dealing with arthritis or injury pain. These little guys work fast, leaving me feeling light and free from discomfort. What’s impressive is how long they last – even a tiny bit gave me multiple strong hits that kept me feeling good for hours. Plus, they didn’t mess with my head – just a smooth, clear high that kept me sharp and focused. And the body high was a perfect balance – enough to relax without slowing me down. But what really got me hooked is how versatile they are; not only did they help me crush a solid workout session with laser focus, but they also made socializing a breeze which, for me, is a far more difficult feat. And the aroma was subtle and pleasant, unlike some other products out there. The moonrocks/THC derivative is a game-changer for anyone looking for pain relief or just a chill vibe. Trust me, give them a try – your body and mind will thank you.

Rachel: Oh, let me share with you the enchanting experience I had with the moon rocks/THC derivative. These little wonders are truly a gift for anyone seeking relief from chronic to mild arthritis or injury-related pain. From the moment I tried them, I was astounded by their efficacy in dissipating discomfort, leaving me feeling light and liberated. What truly sets Moonrocks apart is their long-lasting effects. Even a tiny amount provided me with multiple strong hits, ensuring that I could bask in their soothing embrace for hours on end. And the best part? Despite their potency, they offered a gentle head high that allowed me to maintain full cognitive functionality and clarity of thought. It was as if a veil of tranquility enveloped my mind, enhancing my focus and mental acuity without clouding my senses.What’s more, the body high induced by Moonrocks was perfectly balanced – not too heavy to hinder productivity, yet just enough to provide a subtle sense of relaxation. I found myself effortlessly tackling small tasks with ease, all while maintaining a sense of grace and composure.One of the most remarkable aspects of Moonrocks is their versatility. Not only did they empower me to write academic papers with unparalleled clarity and precision, but they also allowed me to facilitate thoughtful and engaging conversations effortlessly. In fact, I found them to be a comforting companion in social settings, providing a sense of calm and confidence that allowed me to navigate even the most anxious situations with ease. And let’s not forget about their delightful aroma. Unlike other products that leave a lingering, overpowering scent, Moonrocks exude a gentle fragrance that is both pleasing to the senses and respectful of personal space. I never had to worry about my clothing betraying my indulgence – instead, I was enveloped in a subtle aura of tranquility wherever I went.In essence, the moonrocks THC derivatives are a true gem in the world of wellness. Whether you seek relief from pain, enhanced cognitive function, or simply a moment of relaxation, these heavenly creations are sure to exceed your expectations. Treat yourself to the transformative experience of Moonrocks – your mind, body, and spirit will thank you.


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